Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime on contact page.

What are the services offered by Sinergi Mutual Globalindo (SMG)?

SMG or also be called Globalin services are limited to providing project related services including management and consultancy particularly for large infrastructure and commercial projects. We also assist clients on supply and agriculture trading

Does SMG offer any collateral?

SMG does not provide any kind of collateral or bank instruments to clients. Our company provides funding consultancy for projects where some type of collateral is available, e.g. Sovereign Guarantee, Bank Guarantees, Promissory Notes (endorsed by a bank), etc.

Does SMG require any fees to consider lending applications?

Once the client has submitted a full set of application documents, and information relating to the underlying project, SMG will make a detailed assessment of the file. SMG does not normally charge any fee for the initial project assessment, particularly when the application is made by the Project owner (NB. We sometimes charge an assessment fee when projects are submitted by intermediaries)

What is the acceptable collateral by SMG?

Sovereign Guarantee or Bank Guarantee or Government Purchase Agreement “confirmed by the Ministry of Finance” of some description (e.g. Power Purchase Agreement)

How can we ensure that SMG will provide funding after we provide them with the collateral or guarantee?

SMG is proud to be one of the very rare companies in the financial market that allow the customer to verify the availability of the credit line after signing the final contract and before issuing the collateral/guarantee through a bank-to-bank SWIFT system.

What do we need to apply for funding?

The project must have necessary approvals and or permits, feasibility study and clear market path. The project summary is submitted along together with CIS form. The company must bankable and have clean record portfolio.

Can SMG help us to write a Feasibility Study?

SMG will inform the corporate financial institutions for the expertise and availability. However the feasibility studies assistance for the client at a cost.

What type of insurance company acceptable for SMG?

Any “A” rated insurance company will be notified or accepted by SMG

What if I don’t have an insurance company?

SMG can introduce the client to an acceptable insurance company

Do we need to pay the Performance Bond/Insurance to SMG if they introduced us to the insurance company?

The fee of the Performance Bond/Insurance will be paid directly to the insurance company’s bank account “not to SMG or any 3rd party”.

Who will nominate the contractor?

The Main Contractor will be nominated by SMG and agreed with the client in advance.

Can the client nominate their own contractor?

To qualify for funding, the project has minimum and maximum percentage standard that determined by the financial institutions and investors. However there will be also percentage for client to decide.

What types of construction projects can be funded?

The lucrative projects mostly but not merely such as energy plant, oil refinery, smelter and mining, industrial park, hospital etc

Can we apply for funding if there are some missing papers?

SMG performs to always quality standard and anti-money laundering. Therefore, there is a “Money Laundering Prevention” section before applying

Does SMG take management fees from the client?

SMG will take a one-time management fee from the loan amount (not from the client) deducted from the loan proceeds at drawdown.

Do SMG offer commissions?

The rules around anti money laundering and anti-bribery are very strict, and thus SMG does not provide any commissions or gifts. In the case of introducer fees, the introducer must agree their fee in writing with the client, and this request must be explicit when the funding application is made. The introducer will be responsible for paying any/all taxes in their home jurisdiction.