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Sinergi Mutual Globalindo focuses on prominent key sectors that contribute and play important role on the economic growth in the global community. As a management, consulting and intermediary company on project base, supply and trading, we are truly aware that a supreme team of highly-skilled individuals that have unique combination of soft and hard skill-sets and strong networking base are the ground success to develop mutual collaboration within the global community. We also as your trusted and professional liaison company, committed to always grow and innovate for mutual success beyond the client and customer’s expectation. 

Our exceptional consulting, financing sources, supply management and commodity trading services are built on a solid foundation of integrity and superior corporate governance. We support and deliver continuously to the professional parties that significantly contribute to the development within the country either from individual, company or large scale organization.


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Project Financing

We understand that is not always easy finding the right business financing from the right sources for your existing business scale up and project needs. We continuously develop a combination of unique selling preposition, creative and solid consulting management firm to present the most reputable, well-structured and reliable professional partners, financial institutions and funding source companies for your business.

We supply a comprehensive package of financial support for both existing and new project. We extend and leverage our network and relationship with a variety of financial institutions and companies to provide the most favourable structure that accommodate to your needs, allowing us to provide the most appropriate solution for any possible given situation.


Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world with 269 million population. Indonesia is currently ranked the 24th largest export economy in the world with yearly exports of $ 140 billion with a positive trade balance of $8.07 billion after deducting annual imports of $ 132 billion. The current GDP of Indonesia is $ 932 billion, which means that their GDP per capita is $ 11,600.

Indonesia’s Top 5 Commodity Exports


Amount (Annualy)

Palm Oil

Coal Briquettes

Petroleum Gas

Copper Ore


$ 14.4 billion

$ 11.98 billion

$ 6.22 billion

$ 3.48 billion

$ 1.37 billion

Indonesia’s Top 5 Commodity Imports


Amount (Annualy)

Refined Petroleum


Raw Sugar



$ 9.91 billion

$ 2.41 billion

$ 2.05 billion

$ 1.09 billion

$ 995 million

Source: 15 March 2020

Indonesia’s Top Commodities

Palm Oil

Indonesia is the leading exporter of palm oil with a 54% market share of an annual export market worth $ 26.4 billion. Malaysia with a 34% market share, followed by Germany at 4.1%. The country’s palm oil plantations span some six million hectares and this figure is increasing due to plans to add about four million hectares for biofuel production.

Coal Briquettes

Coal briquettes account for 8.5% of the country’s total exports and their annual output of $11.9 billion makes them the 2nd largest exporter in the world with an 18% market share, compared to market-leader Australia, who is responsible for 40% of the export market. Indonesia exports coal briquettes to numerous different countries, although key destinations are China, Japan and the United States, who take a combined 34% of their output.

Petroleum Gas

Indonesia is the 7th largest exporter of petroleum gas in the world and has a 4.9% share of an annual export market worth $127 billion. Oil and gas used to be the foundation of Indonesia’s economy but despite growing demand for energy in the country, regulatory issues, a drop in global prices and stiff competition from rival countries have all conspired to see its oil and gas sector fall from 6% of the country’s GDP to 3%.

Copper Ore

The annual copper ore export market is worth $44.2 billion and Indonesia is the 3rd largest exporter with a 7.9% market share, compared to Peru (19%) and Chile (28%). Indonesia has the Grasberg Mine, which is located in the province of Papua. It's the largest gold mine in the world and the 2nd largest copper mine, too.


The gold export market is heavily dominated by Switzerland who exports 28% of the world’s gold while Indonesia is the 9th largest gold producing country, accounting for 4% of global gold production, despite having the world’s largest gold mine.

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